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Visiting Scotland

You might be craving the wind in your hair, unexpected trips, and stopping off at a petrol station for unplanned snacks – we know we are! So here is a dose of inspiration for when we can get back out on the open road, here is our guide to visiting Scotland.

The Isle of Skye

This had to feature on our list because frankly, we have never been anywhere quite like it! If secluded roads, magical walks, and not a soul in sight sound like your idea of heaven, The Isle of Skye is a must-visit.

The Cairngorms

Plenty to explore and winding roads lined with trees, The Cairngorms is a stunning place to both drive and visit. You can hire a bike if you want to stretch your legs as well, and look out for towns and villages to stop off in on your travels.


For those who like the big-city feel, Glasgow is right up there with the best of them. If you’re heading further north, it is a great stop-gap but there is plenty to see and do in its own right. Whether it’s shopping or dining, Glasgow is full of character.


We couldn’t forget one of the most iconic routes, could we? The North Coast 500 takes you on a trip of the Scottish Coast Line and it has everything you could want and more. Perfect if you are a fan of living out of a backpack (you can pull up and camp anywhere in Scotland!) Or if you are a fan of a nomadic lifestyle. However, if you want to see it all and do it all, without having to camp out, book AirBnBs for along the way!

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