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Electric Car Finance

Electric cars are obviously the future and now that lenders are comfortable with electric batteries you can get a PCP or HP deal for your new or used electric vehicle. 

First step is to get a finance approval in place, then can get the electric car finance using a number of our lending options. Check out our frequently asked question for electric vehicles below.

Electric Cars Rule!

Go Green and get the best rate possible while reducing running costs and benefiting the planet

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Do you finance electric vehicles?

Yes, we do finance electric vehicles. We have a number of lenders that are comfortable financing electric vehicles on PCP and HP terms. Some lenders have restrictions around mileage and the age of the vehicles so its worth putting in an application to get accepted then to have a chat with one of our knowledgeable and friendly account managers to get a quote in place. If you have already found an electric vehicle, great! If not, we are well placed to help find you the green, electric vehicle of your dreams.

What about hybrid vehicles?

Hybrid Electric vehicles are accepted as viable vehicles to finance by all of our panel of car finance lenders.

What about benefit in kind?

The Government has schemes in place to promote electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle take up and usage. These schemes do however change from time to time. One of the attractions of getting an electric vehicle is that there can be all sorts of benefits from cheaper parking rates in large cities through to avoiding congestion charges, reduced road tax cost and enhanced benefit in kind tax benefits when used as a company car. We always encourage company car benefit in kind users to speak with a tax advisor or their accountant to make sure they have the latest government rules on electric car tax but in addition to benefit in kind, there are numerous financial advantages to owning an electric vehicle including the reduced cost of driving.

Are their mileage restrictions on electric vehicles?

Mostly there are no restrictions, however a few lenders have a cap on electric vehicle mileage – these relate to PCP deals where an all electric vehicle is concerned which you are best discussing with one of our knowledgeable and friendly account managers once you have an approval in place. Most lenders allow you to set your own mileage limit up to 20,000 per annum for PCP deals and HP agreements are not affected by the mileage done i.e. are unrestricted.

Black Audi Q2 SQ2 Quattro

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