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Securing car finance with a CCJ (County Court Judgement) on your file can be challenging. You’ve likely been turned away from multiple loans, leaving you feeling helpless with the car of your dreams out of reach.

At We Finance Any Car, we want to change that. 

Life events are often beyond our control and you shouldn’t be held back by unpredictable financial circumstances. That’s why we offer a bad credit car finance service. Working with a panel of lenders who have a wealth of experience when it comes to CCJs, we want to ensure that every applicant has a fair chance.

Feeling apprehensive? We’re on your side.

If you’re dealing with bad credit due to a CCJ, you may be nervous about the application process. Don’t worry. We prioritise our customers’ protection above all else and are dedicated to providing a stress-free experience. When reviewing your application, our lenders will use a soft search to check your eligibility (in the first instance), so you can have peace of mind knowing that your credit score will not be affected. 

Ready to get started? 

We have car finance solutions to suit a range of requirements. Whether you’ve already got your eye on a car and need support with finance or you’re starting from scratch, we’ve got you covered. There are thousands of quality models and makes to explore in our car search portal. 

Forget fancy forms and confusing financial jargon. With us, it couldn’t be easier. Simply complete our 2 minute online application and we’ll help you with the rest. 

Applying for car finance with a CCJ? What you can expect from We Finance Any Car:

  • Lenders who specialise in bad and poor credit applicants
  • No credit score impact
  • FCA authorised dealers
  • Friendly team of experts
  • All financial circumstances considered
  • End-to-end support
  • A deal that suits you and your budget

Don’t let your poor credit history hold you back – finance your next car now.

Have a query about securing car finance with a CCJ? We can help...

Car loans can be complicated, with an endless list of lenders and loan terms to get your head around. That’s without the added obstacle of bad credit…

Financial difficulties can be a heavy burden to carry – so let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our three-step process is speedy and safe. We know how the system works and are on hand to navigate you through any hurdles you may face. 

When it comes to CCJs, it’s crucial to stay as informed as possible. Understanding the limitations and options available to you is the first step towards success. 

Still have some concerns? Our friendly team are just a phone call away

If you have failed to repay your debts on time, you will receive a CCJ. Short for County Court Judgement, this legal ruling can be issued in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately, this will appear on your credit report and can affect your credit rating for up to six years, having a detrimental impact on your financial history. Although this can make the process of obtaining a loan much more difficult, there are still options available. 

With We Finance Any Car, your CCJ will not dictate your ability to get behind the wheel. 

Yes. Even with a CCJ on your credit file, you are still able to get finance for your new car. 

Most providers are automatically put off by bad credit. Not us! We want you to get the car that you deserve and that works for your budget, regardless of your personal circumstance. As a broker with an extensive panel of finance providers, we are able to secure you the rate that is best suited to you and your needs.

Although we cannot guarantee a successful application, our process is set up to ensure you receive a fair review. Even in the most extreme of cases. Our wide range of lenders will consider each applicant on an individual basis, supporting customers from a variety of different credit backgrounds. 


Help from a guarantor

Don’t be discouraged by a negative result. To increase your chances of success, you can also apply for car finance using a guarantor. This would need to be either a family member or a friend with a healthy credit record. Of course, you’ll both need to have a good understanding of the financial responsibilities. In short, if you fail to make the monthly payments, your guarantor will need to pay. 


Put down a deposit

Generally speaking, with We Finance Any Car you won’t be required to make a deposit, as most of our lenders provide no or zero deposit finance options

Whenever possible, saving for a deposit may make it easier to secure a car finance agreement. This can reduce the size of your loan significantly, helping you to manage your repayments more effectively and secure an improved interest rate.

Although this isn’t a must, it can make a difference to your success rate if you are struggling with a CCJ. Whatever your circumstance, we will be able to advise you on the best solution moving forward. 


Top tip – Always ensure you have double-checked your finances so you are confident that you can hold up your side of the finance agreement. 


I have a satisfied CCJ on my file – will this make a difference?


A ‘satisfied’ mark on your credit report not only shows that you have repaid your CCJ in full but also makes you appear financially responsible and reliable to lenders. Compared to an active CCJ, a cleared status is less likely to be as damaging to your application. 

With that being said, it’s important to remember that the CCJ will remain on your file for six years from the date it was issued. So, although it can affect your credit score positively, you may still struggle to get approved for a traditional car loan.

A CCJ doesn’t mean you can’t get finance. Our panel takes a variety of factors into account when making lending decisions, enabling us to find you a loan on the best possible terms.

In addition to your credit history, lenders will assess your ability to fulfil the finance agreement based on employment status and current income. Buying a car if you are self-employed or have an irregular income can make things a little trickier, especially if you are also dealing with a CCJ.

Although more difficult, it’s not impossible!

With around 4.3 million self-employed people in the UK, as of this year, car finance should be made as accessible as possible. Your career choice shouldn’t be a barrier and our team works hard to ensure as many of our customers as possible drive off in their dream car. 

What documents will I need to provide?

We’ve made the application process super simple. As well as all the usual personal identification checks, you may be required to provide a few more documents to provide evidence that you can meet your monthly payments. These can include bank statements, or an open banking assessment, tax returns, and invoices.

Inevitably, having a CCJ on your file will result in a poor credit score. If you were previously in a strong financial position with a healthy credit profile, you may not be as affected. 

One thing to remember is that submitting multiple car finance applications over a short period of time will further impact your credit score, with a hard search credit check. Luckily, at We Finance Any Car, we use soft search at the beginning of every new application. With this game-changing service, our lenders can review your financial position without damaging your score, no matter how many checks are performed. 

Whatever your credit history, we are dedicated to sourcing you the best deals on the market. 

Any active or satisfied CCJ will always be outlined on your credit report, so this is the first place to check. You can easily get your hands on a copy of your report from any of the three major credit reference agencies in the UK – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. 

As long as you are a resident of England or Wales, you can check for a CCJ on the Registry Trust website. This platform is open to the public and keeps a record of judgements, orders, and fines. 

Being successful in your finance application shows that you are viewed as eligible for credit by the lender, despite the negative mark of a CCJ. 

Once we’ve helped you through the application process, it’s down to you. Provided you pay your loan back in full and on time, this can be a positive step towards recovering your poor credit score. Failing to meet the deadlines could cause damage to your credit rating and lead to your car being repossessed.

In a nutshell, managing your payments responsibly can help you to rebuild your credit over time. 

Top tip: Circumstances can change and there may be times when you struggle to pay your car finance. The best thing you can do is contact your lender as soon as possible. While every lender will have their own policy on handling missed payments, they will usually be able to help you find a solution. This can include an extension or changing your payment dates.


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