Bad Credit Car Finance

Bad or poor credit doesn’t mean you won’t get car finance. We Finance Any Car’s specialist lenders cater for exactly this type of credit rating.

We get customers with poor credit into the car of their dreams every day. Simply apply- we use soft search to protect your credit rating – once successful, one of our friendly account managers will contact you. If you have already found a car – Great! If not then we will help to find you one. Don’t let bad credit hold you back!

Refused Car Finance? Let us help!

Yes, there is a good chance that we can help you. When we set up We Finance Any Car we wanted to serve the whole market. We know that things happen in people's lives and that your credit score can sometimes be negatively affected - often through no fault of your own. That is why we work with all types of lenders from Prime lenders through to those that focus on people who have poor or bad credit. Remember that we only use soft search up front to protect your credit score.

Being in an IVA does not mean you cannot get car finance. Ironically, if you have a poor or bad credit history some lenders prefer it if your finances are managed. These are lenders that specialise in bad credit finance. You will need to get a signed letter from your IVA practitioner agreeing to the commitment and your We Finance Any Car Account Manager can help you frame the request to your IVA company/ practitioner.

Yes. Many of our lenders understand that customers may have picked up a CCJ or a few CCJ's over time. The likelihood is that an acceptance would come from a lender that specialises in bad credit car finance so they see potential customers with CCJ's often. We get many, many customers into cars with CCJ's on their file.

There are a number of reasons why you could have been declined elsewhere. In most cases it is because of adverse credit also known as a bad or poor credit file. Do not despair though, very few organisations have as many lenders as we do. We often speak with customers who have been rejected at car dealerships only to get a number of approvals from our panel of lenders. A key consideration is if the lender or panel of lenders you apply through use soft search we use soft search to protect your credit score in the first place so why not Apply here today.

Use our free car finance calculator which you can find below in order to see what your monthly payments will work out to. If you have poor credit then its best to put this into the calculator to get a realistic, ballpark estimation of your monthly payment but our customers often get better rates than they were expecting because of our huge panel of specialist lenders.

Try our free finance calculator today!


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We have years of experience in car finance, a very extensive lending panel and a team that is set up to get you the car you want at the best finance rate possible. If you have already found a car and just need the finance – great! If you need help finding a car then we are there for you as well – in fact, we have access to over 300,000 cars.

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