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At We Finance Any Car we are often asked if customers must put in a deposit. Nine times out of ten, the answer is “No”. 

The vast majority of our lenders do not require a deposit and the ones that do only need them in special circumstances. Zero Deposit & No deposit deals are the norm and We Finance Any Car have a huge panel to get you a fantastic No Deposit deal – simply apply using soft search.

Keep your money in your own Back Pocket

No. In the vast majority of cases you do not need one. Dealers may want a holding deposit on a car but this is purely to reserve the car in question

Occasionally a lender will require a deposit. This is normally because lenders will lend against a car based on its Retail value. If for some reason the car is retailing over its estimated Retail Value (perhaps because the make/ model is in short supply) then the lender may ask you to put a deposit down for the difference. It should be stressed that this is not the norm.

Yes. All lenders welcome deposits. Putting in a deposit will also reduce your monthly payments and may even lead to you getting a better APR rate in some cases.

Yes, they are exactly the same thing - no deposit is required so you can hang onto your cash and use it elsewhere.

Use our free car finance calculator which you can find below in order to see what your monthly payments will work out to.

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