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How to Apply For Car Finance

If you are thinking about getting car finance for your next vehicle, you may be wondering whether or not it is an easy process. We know that car finance can be long winded and confusing, but at We Finance Any Car, we are committed to making it quick, simple and pain free as well. Here is how you apply for car finance… 


The application 

You can apply online with us and we won’t ask a million and one questions. We will ask you the essentials so we can start to get to know you and then we can start to look at what deals are available to you. Applying is quick and easy, and you won’t have to give us all your personal information, either!


The options 

Once we have your application, we will reach out to our lenders and see what options are available to you. We work with a range of lenders to maximise your chances of being approved for car finance. When those options have come back to us, we will present them back to you, so you can see what the options are and so you can work out whether or not they are the right options for you. 


The approval 

Once you have settled on a deal, we will work on getting the approval. We will conduct a hard search to get everything firmed up for you and to set those wheels in motion. 


The car

While we work on that, you can look for your dream car. If you have seen a car you would like, at almost any dealership in the UK, we can work with the dealership to purchase the car and get everything sorted for you. 


The paperwork 

So we have the deal and we have the car, now we will get onto the paperwork to make sure everything is ready to be signed and sealed ahead of you driving away in your new used car from us. 


The fun part 

Once everything is sorted, you are free to drive away, or we can arrange to have the car delivered to you for a cost, whatever works for you. 


That is the process from start to finish, and we really are committed to making it as easy as possible for you. With minimal fuss, no unnecessary information or calls, we are here for you as and when you need us but will not waste your time if you don’t. Feel free to ask any many questions as you like, as we are here to help and committed to helping our customers drive away in their dream cars. 


We are proud of the service that we offer and our team are all experts in their fields. We have helped hundreds of customers find and fund their dream cars and we would love to do the same for you. You can get in touch, apply online, or browse our latest cars online if you would like.