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Car Finance on Benefits

Most car finance companies will consider Benefits payments as income when providing car finance. 

At We Finance Any Car we get people into cars every day using benefits as their only form of income or where benefits count towards your income. Apply using soft search and use benefits payments to support the finance of a car to get the car you want!

On Benefits? You can still finance a car

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What Benefits do you accept?

This varies by lender but almost all lenders will accept permanent disability benefits as income, most will accept conditional benefits such as child benefit and living allowance benefits.

What proofs or evidence of benefits do i need to provide?

In most cases, lenders will simply use regular benefits payments on bank statements as proof of benefit/income.

What are the different types of benefits/ income?

While the types of income/ benefits accepted vary by lender, here are some of the most common that are accepted: Child tax credit/ benefit, personal independence payments, housing benefit, social housing/rent, carer's allowance, Guardian's allowance, foster cars allowance, disability living allowance in addition to the following pensions income: occupational, personal, stakeholder, war widows.

How much can I borrow?

This is a function of your credit score, the price of the vehicle, your income and expenses (including income from benefits and pensions) and the term over which the car finance is to be repaid. The best way to find this out is to apply using our soft search facility (designed not to hurt your credit score). From there we can get an approval with the best terms for you and go from there. Simply apply here.

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