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Business Car Finance

We specialise in business car finance. If you are a Director or Partner at a Limited Company then We Finance Any Car are set up to sort the finance.

Simply apply & get a personal approval then your dedicated account manager will source business car finance for you from our huge panel. Alternatively call 01277 80 80 80 or email hello@wefinanceanycar where we have access to over 300,000 cars

Whatever your needs, we mean business

We have access to over 300,000 cars and vans and a huge panel of lenders so we can save you time,  money and reduce your monthly payments. We understand Benefit in Kind and how to get the best car for the least amount of personal tax – you are in good hands with We Finance Any Car

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How does business car finance work?

You can get business car finance using We Finance Any Car where we approach a number of our specialist lenders on your behalf. You will need to provide proof of Directorship/Partnership in a Limited Company operating as a going concern. The finance company themselves may look for a number of years of business accounts but we will facilitate this and any other requirements for you so we can make getting business car finance as easy as possible.

What proofs will I need?

Generally proof of Director/Partner Status and last years accounts depending on the lender plus drivers licence and ability to sign personal guarantee on the loan.

How long does business car finance take?

Not necessarily any longer than personal car finance. The documentational requirements are different but generally no more complicated than personal car finance.

Can I speak to someone about business car finance?

Of course. Simply call 01277 80 80 80 or drop us an email at hello@wefinanceanycar mentioning that you are after business car finance and one of our specialist account managers will contact you.

What is Benefit in Kind (BIK) and how can I benefit?

Put Simply, Benefit in Kind is designed to prevent employees from benefiting from driving a company car for free or enjoying a company car allowance without paying Tax.

In more recent years the Government has also used Benefit in Kind to influence what types of vehicles people opt for on a company car scheme by making more expensive and less environmentally friendly cars attract more tax. You can find more about how it works here but we always advise company car users to consult their tax advisor or accountant if in doubt.

In terms of benefiting, it’s more about legitimately avoiding paying too much tax by understanding the thresholds on the value of the car where you pay more tax and in looking to try and get a car that attracts less tax such as a hybrid or an electric vehicle so that you pay less BIK.

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