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Choosing a car for a weekend break

The great outdoors, we cannot wait to get back out there and we are sure you feel the same. If you are planning weekends away and UK breaks, here are some tips for choosing a car that will accommodate those needs as well as everyday life…


How big do you need the car to be, realistically? While we all love extra boot space, make sure you are thinking with your head and planning which space you actually need. If it is camping gear, bikes, and surfboards you want to carry, take that into consideration, but if you are a modest packer, that needs to be noted down too!


We all fall for the looks when we are searching for a car, but think about how practical it is. Things like the MPG, size (again), and how easy you can pack the kids into it, will all factor into how fun it will be to go on weekends away. Think with your head now so you can think with your heart later, we say!


If you are planning long trips, comfort is key, for both the driver and the passengers. Whether you like sports seats, armrests or even heated steering wheels, make a note of all the things you would like in the car, so you can revisit it when you come to shop!


Last but not least, the tech inside the car. From infotainment in the back to a sat nav and a good sound system, long journeys love a bit of tech, do they not? Again, plan out what you would want and create a dream spec sheet, to help you narrow down your used car search.

Whatever you are looking for, come and speak with the team at We Finance Any Car, where the team will be on hand to help you find the car which is right for you. From long trips to short jaunts, we will be able to help and advise as best we can.