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Planning a road trip abroad

Picture it now; international travel is allowed, the roads are calling you and you are about to head out on a road trip abroad. Here’s a little list of things to remember if that is on the cards for you…


Make sure you have all the right documentation and passports well in advance, you don’t want to be caught short or to be stopped for not having the proper documents with you. We love taking off into the night but it is also important to have a plan in place too, which leads us onto our next point…

Have a plan

There is absolutely room for spontaneity, but make sure you know the location you’re heading. You might want to plan a few stop-off points along the way and make sure you have everything you need. Keep postcodes handy, a note for where to get fuel and a good old-fashioned map never hurt anyone either, if you don’t have a sat nav in your car.

Check out where you’re staying

You may have booked in advance or you may be looking to book as you go. Either way, you might want to check out reviews of where you’re staying in advance. This way, you are minimising any nasty surprises and you can see what other guests thought of the area and accommodation too.

Make memories

Most importantly, make memories. We love a road trip and some of our favourite memories have come from them. Think about taking a disposable camera or perhaps scrapbooking the journey – if you are a crafty type! Stay safe and enjoy…

There are our tips for heading on a road trip abroad. If you are craving adventure and looking for a car to take you there, come and see the team at We Finance Any Car, where a member of the team will be more than happy to help you in your search.