Retaining the value of your car

If you have a car on finance, there are a variety of reasons why you may have chosen that option. One may be the convenience of the payments, or another may be that you are looking to change up your car every few years. Whatever the reason, if your car is on finance, it is important to retain as much value in the car as possible, so here are some tips on how to do just that.


Staying on top of servicing and work that needs to be carried out is a great way to retain value. While all cars will depreciate in value over time, having a full-service history and everything in check can really boost the value when you come to sell.

Drive with caution

Lookout when you’re driving to prevent unnecessary bumps or accidents. Things like parking further away at the supermarket so you’re less likely to be surrounded by other drivers is one of our favourite tips. Keep your eyes wide open and be super vigilant.


If you do get a bump or a dent, a nick, or a scrape, it is best to get it sorted straight away, instead of waiting for it to get worse or even start to rust. Accidents happen but they are best to be taken care of right away to retain the value of your car.

Clean and tidy

Keep the inside of your car clean and tidy so you don’t end up in a mess when you come to sell or give it back. Regular cleaning can help the condition of the seats and dash, so keep them looking and feeling fresh!

There are just a few tips on how to retain the value of a car. If you are looking for a vehicle or interested in learning more about the benefits of car finance, get in touch with us here at We Finance Any Car.

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