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Whether you are after a Large, Medium or Small Van, We Finance Any Car has both the lenders and a massive selection of vans to get the job done!

The first step is to get a van finance approval in place, then can get the van finance itself using a number of our lending options. We have tens of thousands of vans to pick from once you have the finance in place.

Do you finance vans?

Not only do we finance vans, we put you in position A because we have such a wide selection and choice of vans and we help you to find the one thats right for you.

Once we get you approved we can help you find a van from tens of thousands of small, medium and large vans – all from FCA accredited dealers. 

In addition, we have a massive selection of lenders with PCP and HP finance deals so you know you can access the best deal for you.


What types of vans do we finance?

When it comes to commercial vehicles, the world of vans is diverse, catering to a wide range of industries and also purposes. Whether you’re in the business of transporting goods, carrying a crew, or need specialized features, understanding the various types of vans is important. Here’s a glimpse into the different types of vans that can be financed to meet the specific needs of your business. 

Panel Van

Description: Panel vans are versatile workhorses designed for transporting goods. Known for their enclosed cargo space, these vans are popular among delivery services and businesses requiring secure transportation of products. If you are a “white van man” then we have just the panel van for you and the finance to match.

Crew Van

Description: Crew vans are a cross between a panel van and a people carrier. These versatile vans offer a combination of seating for passengers and space for cargo, making them suitable for businesses that require both transport for a team and the capability to carry tools or equipment.

Double Cab

Description: A double cab van combines the functionality of a crew van with additional seating space in the rear. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses needing to transport both personnel and goods simultaneously and bay have Benefit in Kind (BIK) Tax advantages.

Mini Bus

Description: Ideal for transporting larger groups of people, minibuses are commonly used for shuttle services, tourism, and group transportation. They come in various sizes to accommodate different passenger capacities.

Box Van

Description: Box vans, sometimes referred to as cube vans, have a cube-shaped cargo area. They are popular for moving large volumes of goods and are commonly used in the logistics and distribution industry.


Description: Tipper vans are designed for transporting loose materials such as sand, gravel, or waste. They have a hydraulic system that allows the cargo bed to be tilted, making unloading of materials more convenient.


Description: Dropside vans have open cargo areas with hinged sides that can be lowered for easier loading and unloading. This design is advantageous for businesses that need quick access to their cargo on the go.

Chassis Cab

Description: Chassis cab vans provide a customizable platform with an open rear for various applications. Businesses can add specific bodies or equipment suited to their own industry needs.


Description: Flatbed vans have a level and open cargo area with no sides or roof. They are used for transporting large or irregularly shaped items that may not fit inside traditional vans.

Curtainside Van

Description: Curtainside vans have a flexible curtain instead of traditional solid sides, making them suitable for loading and unloading from all sides. This design is advantageous for businesses dealing with diverse cargo.

Luton Van

Description: Luton vans are recognized by their distinctive box over the cab. This space provides additional cargo capacity and is often used for transporting larger or longer, lightweight items.


Description: Transporter vans are designed with versatility in mind. They can be configured for various purposes, including transporting goods, people, or a combo of both.


Description: Beavertail vans have a flatbed with a hinged or removable ramp at the rear, making it easier to load and unload heavy or wheeled equipment. These vans are often used to transport cars around the country.

Fridge Van

Description: Fridge vans are equipped with refrigeration or cooler units, making them suitable for transporting temperature-sensitive goods such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Compact City Van

Description: Compact city vans are designed for urban environments, offering manoeuvrability and efficiency. They are often used for local deliveries and services and are polular with tradesmen as they are generally more economical than larger vans.

Car Derived Van

Description: Car-derived vans are smaller vehicles that share design elements with cars. They are efficient for tasks like local deliveries and services where compact size is an advantage.

The diversity of van types allows your businesses to find the perfect fit for their specific operational requirements. Whether it’s delivering goods, transporting passengers, or handling specialized cargo, there’s a van designed to meet the unique needs of every industry and We Finance Any Car is with you every step of the van purchase journey from getting you the finance through to finding the perfect van. 

Are their mileage restrictions on electric vehicles?

In terms of what lenders will consider when financing a van, some lenders go up to financing vans that have under 100,000 miles on the clock or up to 12 years at the end of the finance term you agree. By way of example, if you are financing a 7-year-old van then, depending on if it meets other criteria like maximum mileage, you could have a 5 year term agreement.

In terms of annual milage allowed, if you have a PCP deal then you would agree on the annual mileage allowance up front.If you exceed this agreed mileage (over the entire term of the agreement) then you will need to pay an excess mileage charge when you hand back the van at the end of the agreement.

HP deals do not have a restricted mileage element to them so you can drive the van as much as you like.