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Tips for maintaining the value of your car

If you have your car and want to sell it in the future, it is important that you maintain its value, so you can get the most buck for your bang when you come to sell. Now, there are some factors outside of your control, but there are things you can do to retain parts of the value, read on to find out more…

Regular servicing
Maintaining a regular servicing schedule will stand you in good stead when you come to sell your car. A full service history is an attractive proposition and shows you have looked after your vehicle.

Keep it clean and tidy
This keeps your car looking and feeling fresh, and prevents any further damage from things like bird poo or a build up of grime inside.

Repairs and resprays
If you have damaged any part of your car, get the bodywork fixed and any resprays done as soon as possible to prevent rusting and to keep the car in good condition.

Drive with caution
Treat your car with care and drive with caution! Things like parking a little further from the shop to avoid cars being parked next to you, and being extra cautious around speed bumps and suchlike will all help!

There are a few of our tips to help maintain the value of your car, if you are looking to sell, you can head to Kent Car Buyer or Essex Car Buyer and the teams will be able to help.