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Get your car summer ready

If you are heading out on the roads this summer, you will want to make sure your car is ready for action. Whether it is open roads or rolling hills, there are some things that are a must wherever you are heading. Here are our top tips for you.

Start with a clear out
First of all, clear anything out that you don’t need. This could be old bottles of water or CDs you no longer listen to. Whatever you are squirreling away, have a good clear out and a clean while you are at it. The interior and the exterior as well, get it looking tip top and ready to roll.

Pack your emergency kit
Now, everyone has their own definition of emergency but make sure you have your spare tyre, hazard triangle and anything else you need. Other things to consider packing are a change of clothes, some good walking shoes, and a few bottles of water and emergency snacks in case you get caught out!

Give it a good once over
Check your fluid levels on your car, as well as tyre treads and air pressure. One that always gets overlooked is windscreen wiper fluid, so make sure it is topped up and ready for some British weather.

Get any outstanding work done
While it can be tempting to put off getting work done on your car, you need to get it carried out as soon as possible. Before you head out on the roads, make sure all work is done and your car is in full working order.

Fuel up
Make sure your tank is full before you head out. Especially if you’re off roading and adventuring, as you don’t know when the next fuel station will crop up! It is always worth keeping a jerry can in the back too.

There you have our tips, so head out on the roads and enjoy your summer! If you need a car to take you to your destination, get in touch with the team at We Finance Any Car.