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Can you take a car abroad if it is on finance?

If you are planning to head out on the roads this summer and beyond, you might have a lot of questions about travelling, particularly if your car is on finance.

One of the questions we get asked date most is ‘can we take the car abroad if we take out finance?’ And the answer, in short, is absolutely yes.

First off, make sure you have any documentation or legal things covered before you head out on your trip as you don’t want to get caught short in that sense. But, if you are wondering about cars on finance and travelling, read on…

When you take out a finance agreement, you are agreeing to the repayment terms and often an agreed mileage on the car per year. This is usually to protect the value of the car, especially if at the end of the agreement you decide to sell or give it back.

As long as you are staying within the agreed mileage, which will have been laid out for you at the start of the agreement, you are free to take the car and travel where you would like.

It is however worth noting that if anything were to happen to the car, such as accidents, theft, or incidents, you will need to claim on your insurance and approach things that way, which can be less than fun when you have a finance agreement to pay. Don’t let that deter you though, as that could happen anywhere at any time, not necessarily because you are travelling.

It may be worth considering whether you will need a car on your travels or if there is a cheaper or more economical way of doing things. If you are going on a road trip, it is of course necessary but if you are sunning it up in Spain, not so much.

If you have any more finance questions or you would like to find a car for your road trips, come and speak to a member of the team at We Finance Any Car, where we will be happy to help.