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Sometimes you just want a new car or you need to upgrade for a sepecific purpose like you have a new addition to the family. We know that many people dread the idea of getting a new car especially when you might have an existing car with finance on it, need to part exchange or wonder how to settle the old car. We Finance Any Car do all the heavy lifting for you – we upgrade people into new cars every day. Simply apply using our 2 min application and let us work our magic!

Yes. We work with you to identify how much negative equity you need to cover to get out of your old vehicle. One we have a figure you can either pay of the old car finance loan or transfer the negative equity to your new deal - the choice is yours!

Yes- very much so. We have a huge panel of lenders and most of them welcome self-employed applications for Hire Purchase(HP) or Personal Contract Puchase (PCP).

Yes, You can! Though a deposit isn't required by our panel of lenders, a part-exchange or cash deposit will be recognised, so increase the chances of securing your loan as it means you will be paying less each month. In practice, the part-ex is done at the dealer you are buying the car from so if you have already found a new car then ask the dealer to include part-ex. Any reputable dealer will be able to do a part exchange for you but if you need help with the deal. Dont forget that we can always find you a dealer that does part exchanges and we have access to over 300,000 used cars.

Yes, there is a good chance we can help you. When we set up We Finance Any Car we wanted to serve the whole market. We know that things happen in people's lives and that your credit score can sometoimes be negatively affected - often through no fault of your own. That is what we work with all types of lenders from Prime lenders through to those that focus on people who have poor or bad credit. Remeber that we only use soft search up front to protect your credit score

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If you are looking for car finance, you are in the right place!

We have years of experience in car finance, a very extensive lending panel and a team that is set up to get you the car you want at the best finance rate possible. If you have already found a car and just need the finance – great! If you need help finding a car then we are there for you as well – in fact, we have access to over 300,000 cars.