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HP Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase (HP) is the most common form of car finance. It is a simple and popular option. You have a fixed monthly payment for a set period of months. Once you have paid the final payment you own the car outright. There are other benefits such as no mileage restrictions and no lump sum payment at the end of the agreement.

We Finance Any Car

PCP Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is becoming popular for newer and more valuable vehicles. It gives you the option to pay an initial up-front deposit, followed by fixed regular monthly payments. The bigger deposit you put down the lower the monthly payment. When your monthly repayments are finished, you have the option to either pay a lump sum to own it, hand the car back, or exchange it for a new one using any equity to go towards the new finance deal.

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At We Finance Any Car we will collect some basic personnel details from you enabling us to conduct a 'soft credit' search. This soft search leaves no mark on your credit record visible to lenders but allows us to understand the probability of getting your application accepted. Once we have conducted a credit search, We Finance Any Car will compare the best car loan deal to suit your needs.

We work with the best lenders in the market ranging from High Street to specialist finance houses. You are sure to get the best car finance deal from We Finance Any Car. While we can't guarantee an acceptance, we can guarantee a wide range of lenders and best in class service.

We Finance Any Car

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We Finance Any Car

We Finance Any Car work with thousands of car dealerships nationwide giving you complete flexibility when choosing the supplier of your new car. We appraise all of the car dealerships that we work with to ensure that you get the very best levels of product and service. We Finance Any Car only work with approved dealers for your protection.