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Can I buy a car from any dealership?

Any dealership you like! At We Finance Any Car, we know that you probably have something special in mind already, and you have most likely done your homework to find out who is selling the car and where they’re based. Having said that, we are here to help and to protect you, so we will be sure to check out the dealership first to make sure all is well. We will do our searches and report back and then we can take it from there.

The beauty of using us for your finance agreement is that we actually take care of the whole process for you. We will liaise with the dealership and buy the car, making sure that the process is as hassle free and stress free as possible for you.

Whether you choose to opt for personal contract purchase, hire purchase or bad credit car finance, we will help you navigate the finance world and we will be there for you right up until you have the keys in your hand, and after that we are only a phone call away should you need anything else from us.

We are proud of the service we offer and with decades of experience, we have helped thousands of customers find finance and their dream car as well. If you would like to find out more about how we can help, get in touch or have a look around the website.

Applying for finance with us couldn’t be easier, we will do all the hard work and searching for you, to make sure everything is above board and matches up to your budget. We will get to know you and make sure that finance is the right route for you, giving you everything you need to make the decision. We don’t believe in jargon and simplify everything down so it is clear and easy to understand. If this sounds like it might be for you, get in touch or start your application online.