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What documents do I need when making a Car Finance Application?

Applying for car finance is a straight-forward and simple process. Although it’s all online and a quick 2 minute form fill, it will help your application if you do have ready when promoted, the following details;

Personal Details

It’s really important these are correct and also spelt correctly. It’s important that if your known as ‘Bob’, but your name is Robert, that it’s the full name, Robert that appears on the application. This helps We Finance Any Car correctly identity your application and carry out any soft credit and affordability checks.

Proof of Address

We will need to see documentation that matches the address you have entered on your application. This can be a utility bill, a water or electricity bill or your council tax statement. When you apply for Car Finance, you will need to provide your address history for the past three years.

Driving Licence

Some lenders may offer car finance without a driving licence or with just a provisional licence, but most do require a valid driving licence. Please do ensure your license is in date, valid and that all the  details are clear and easy to read. If you still have the paper part of your licence, you can include this, but we will need a copy of both sides of the photo ID card.

Proof of Income

All Lenders will want to know whether you’re employed, self-employed, retired, in full-time education or receiving benefits (and which type.) This is to assist them in double-checking that you can actually afford the car loan you’ve applied for. A copy of three months payslips or bank statements is usually required. If you’re self-employed, lenders will accept bank statements, proving they show sufficient evidence of regular income.

Bank Details

These won’t be required until it’s all set up and we need to arrange monthly payments from you. Don’t forget, We Finance Any Car don’t charge any fees and you won’t be charged when you apply.

A Selfie with your Driving Licence

It’s an extra level of security and a way for us to check you are, who you say you are. It’s important that we check no one is pretending to be you and take out finance, without your knowing in your name.

Our friendly team is here to help

We Finance Any Car are here to help. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the documentation to hand now, we can commence your application and sort them later. You don’t need to make a decision straight-away and if you need help completing an application at, call our friendly team. Get a quote today with no impact on your credit score.

Alternatively, if you want to find out how much you can borrow, then calculate your budget using our simple,, car finance calculator.