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We Finance Any Car gives back to the NHS Community, Emergency Services and Teaching Staff

We Finance Any Car gives back to the Everyday Heroes that have given so much to the UK – The National Health Service, Carers, our hardworking Emergency Services (Fire, Ambulance, Police) plus the, often forgotten, Teaching community.

The NHS – Always here for us

Most people in the UK have given thanks at some time or another for benefiting from the NHS. The NHS, supported by the British taxpayer, has always provided health services “ free at the point of delivery”. This of course means that there is no charge for services from a visit to the Doctor for a sore throat through to Cancer or Heart Attack treatment. We all know someone close to us that has benefited from this wonderful institution.

Covid 19 – The NHS were there for us

While most appreciated the NHS Service prior to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, the virus that devastated most of the world really brought home how much the NHS does for us in the UK. It is easy to forget how Nurses, Doctors and NHS Support Staff stood up when they were needed the most.

Some NHS staff made the ultimate sacrifice and all put their life at risk when very little was known about the virus and precious little was available in the form of protective equipment.

Emergency Services, Police and Teachers

The NHS have, quite rightly, been in focus during the pandemic but we also want to acknowledge the hard work of Emergency Services, the Police and Teachers during the pandemic. It is well known that rewards for working in these vocations are sadly out of proportion with the benefit to society so We Finance Any Car also want these key services to benefit from our offer. Thank you for all you do!

Thank You – We mean it!

At We Finance Any Car we don’t forget what NHS staff, emergency services, the Police and Teachers have done to help us all so we continue to give thanks by providing a fantastic free car finance and car finding service and we have an amazing ongoing offer for all NHS staff.

All  Everyday Heroes who take out a car finance agreement through We Finance Any Car get a £150 Thank You once one payment on the car is made.

Jonathan Healy – Sales Director at We Finance Any Car – had this to say:
“ We have a very caring team at We Finance Any Car and we all agreed that the best way to show our thanks to the fantastic NHS, emergency services, the Police and Teachers is to give something back. We will give £150 to any of these valued services who take an agreement through us in a contribution to their first car finance payment. We can’t thank you enough – and we mean it!”

The following services benefit from the offer:

• On the NHS Frontline ( Doctors, Nurses, Specialists etc)
• In an NHS back Office or as registered NHS support staff
• Employed as a Carer 
• Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance)
• Employed Teachers

Everyday Heroes benefit from our ongoing £150 offer as a thank you – please let us know that you are one of our heroes once your application is processed. You can Apply using our secure, soft search application process here.

You can pick any car from a reputable FCA authorised and regulated car dealer and We Finance Any Car will get the finance in place and help you secure the car of your dreams. If you haven’t settled on a car yet then we can help you find one as well. Simply ring 01277 80 80 80 to learn more or email us at so one of our friendly and helpful account managers can help you get the best deal.