I'm New To Car Finance, Can You Help Me?

I’m New To Car Finance, Can You Help Me?
We can indeed! Whether you know all about finance or you are just at the start of your journey, We Finance Any Car will be able to help you.

The process is simple and we will be there for you every step of the way.

Start by completing our online form. It takes less than two minutes and it won’t affect your credit score.

We will then be in touch to see if you are eligible for car finance, we will go over your application and talk you through some different options.

If it all sounds good to you and you want to go ahead, you can then start looking for a car! We can point you in the direction and show you some vehicles, or you can find your own.

Let us know when you have found it and we will sort out the rest for you! We can arrange delivery of your car or you can go and collect when the paperwork is all sorted.

It is our mission to make car finance hassle and stress free, so leave the work to us and we will let you know when it is all sorted.

There are different types of car finance, which are right for different kinds of people. It might be worth taking a look at our website and familiarising yourself with them, but if not, here is a quick run down and we are always on hand to explain them anyway!

Personal contract purchase is popular and typically there is a deposit to pay at the start of the agreement. The balance is then spread over the agreement and at the end you will usually have a few options, like handing the car back to the finance company or paying a balloon payment to keep it.

Hire purchase is very similar, apart from at the end you will own the car. This means that the monthly payments are usually a little bit higher.

Bad credit car finance is for those who have struggled with finance in the past. We know that your past doesn’t always reflect your present so we try to find options to suit a range of circumstances.