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I want to sell my car quickly

 Looking to sell your car? Looking to sell it quickly? Read on to see what your options are and to find out which one is the right route for you.

First of all, selling your car can either be a bit of a long process, or a total breeze, depending on how you handle it and which path you choose to go down. There is no right or wrong way, and it will totally depend on your circumstances!

Selling Privately
The first option is to sell your car privately, which means you are in charge of all the marketing, sales, and dealing with enquiries. If you choose to sell privately, be careful of time wasters and tyre kickers, and make sure you have the money in your account before they drive away the car.

Selling at Auction
Another option is to sell at auction, which can mean you get less money for the car, as well as the  risk of not selling at all! If you have a classic car or something of high worth, an auction for specialists could be the way to go.

Selling to a Dealer
You can sell to a car dealer and maybe even take up a part exchange deal, but just keep in mind that you could be lowering your profit as the dealer will want to put it straight on the forecourt to sell.

Selling to a dedicated Car Buyer
Another option is to sell to a dedicated car buying website. If you choose this option, it means that you will be dealing with experts in this field and getting the best market value for your vehicle, as they are regularly checked and benchmarked across the industry. If you want to sell this way, you can get in touch with Kent Car Buyer or Essex Car Buyer to get a quote on your vehicle.